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Floral Arrangement in Glass Vase

To start designing a glass vessel, fill the vase with a bottom medium such as oasis brick wrapped by clear plastic. You also want to add glass pebbles at the bottom before you add the base medium then add pebbles at side of the container to hide the base medium. You also want to have your foundation medium is properly cut at the sides so that you have enough area when you are dropping your materials on the process. In addition, you want to have a base medium higher than the rim of the container to enable you to work with a dome condition arrangement easily.
Once set-up you can now get your florist scissors and add greenery by putting the stems as little as you can on the edge of the container completely covering the base.

Next step, you could start filling up your vessel with Geraldton wax with clean stem at random to create the dome condition that you want. Final step will be adding mini gerberas by starting on the center and spreading out the remaining flowers to make it perfectly symmetrical. Now you have a beautiful centerpiece that you can use to any occasions.